Offender Intervention Services (OIS)

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program (DVTP) provides structured counseling interventions for both men and women who have committed acts of intimate partner violence or abuse. The counseling interventions are certified by the Delaware Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC) and adhere to standards established by that organization. The counseling interventions are provided in both English and Spanish. Participation in the intervention services can be either voluntary or court mandated. Many participants have been referred either as criminal offenders or respondents in civil protection from abuse (PFA) proceedings. Some participants in the offender intervention services have also been victims of violence or abuse within intimate partner relationships.

The offender intervention services help participants:

  • Develop a more accurate understanding of violence and abuse
  • Accept responsibility for their behavior
  • Commit unconditionally to end abusive behavior
  • Improve self management and communication skills
  • Better respond to the actions of others

The services employ a combination of education, encouragement and respectful confrontation in efforts to facilitate change. A major study released in 2017 shows a correlation between completion of the offender intervention services and lowered rates of criminal recidivism.

For Orientation dates for Men or Women,
call  (302) 762-8989.