Parenting Classes

Our Children Come Without Instructions class series provides practical, relevant information in a supportive learning environment. Participants learn strategies and develop skills designed to increase confidence and make parenting more effective & rewarding.
These interactive classes incorporate a variety of teaching modalities designed to encourage active participation by all attendees; lecture, class discussions, handouts, breakout sessions, small group activities, videos & new skill practice/ rehearsal.
Our curriculum is researched based, evidenced informed and incorporates the protective factors identified by US Department of Health & Humans Services’ Children’s Bureau, as essential components of effective parenting programs.

Three curriculums are offered, each focusing on a different stage of development:

Birth to Three Parenting Class
For families with infants & toddlers birth-3 years
This class emphasizes the importance of the first three years of life and demonstrates how parents/ caregivers can promote healthy development in infants and toddlers. Topics include creating a healthy, stimulating environment, nutrition, developmental milestones, child safety, the importance of well-baby check-ups, choosing quality childcare, developing language and setting age appropriate limits. Class meets once a week for 6 weeks.

Children Come Without Instructions
For families raising children ages 4-11
This class is designed to increase knowledge of child development, teach effective communication skills and positive discipline strategies for setting limits & guiding behavior. Other topics of discussion include brain development, child safety & wellbeing and managing stress. Class meets once a week for 6 weeks.

Teens Come Without Instructions
For families raising adolescents ages 12 and older
The class provides a supportive environment where parents/caregivers can discuss issues related to adolescent development. Topics addressed include physical /emotional changes, adolescent brain development, effective communication, managing stress and anger, setting limits and conflict management. Class meets once a week for 8 weeks.

The class Certificate of Completion satisfies the parenting class requirement for the following agencies:

Division of Social Services/TANF

Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families

Delaware Department of Corrections/Probation and Parole

Spanish instructors are available in all 3 counties.
Our Parent Education staff is also available for speaking engagements, workshop and trainings.